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Watch: Everything you need to know about the Nintendo Switch in one video

Let us Fil you in.

I set my alarm for 6am on Friday the 13th of January because I'd heard that was the time Amazon would be kicking off its online preorders for the Nintendo Switch.

The alarm went off and I preordered the base unit with no issues, but then everything got a little bit confusing. Did the included grip charge the Joycon or didn't it? Was I really going to have to fork out £60 for a Pro Controller? Breath of the Wild costs HOW MUCH?!

It's always a little daunting when a new console comes out, but in the case of the Switch there have been quite a few mixed and muddled messages about the prices and peripherals. In order to help make sense of things, we've crammed as many concrete facts about the Switch as possible into one video. This way you should have a better understanding of what you'll be getting for your cash, come March, if you decided to purchase one.

So, if you're able to stop staring into Reggie's eyes for long enough, click on the video below for 62 little details about the console that you might have missed in Nintendo's early morning presentations.

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Fair warning, a couple of the points in here might seem pretty obvious to most of you, especially point number one, but we've tried to get information in here that caters for both those in the know, and those completely out of the loop.

At the end of the video we also pose the question of whether or not you actually want a Switch. I'm not ashamed to admit that after a bit of research I cancelled my preorder and will be looking to get one closer to Christmas time when Mario Odyssey releases. I'm sorry Nintendo but, at least for now, my money is in another castle. How about you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.