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WarHawk now download-only

Sony does u-turn.

Last week Sony America seemed to put an end to the confusion surrounding WarHawk by announcing it would be released on Blu-ray as a full game.

However, Sony Europe has told Eurogamer this morning that this isn't the case, and that the title will only be available online from the PlayStation Store. Which is all a bit confusing.

It all started at the recent Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, where big Phil Harrison's keynote labelled WarHawk as a download-only game. Since then it's ping-ponged onto disc and then back online, leading us to believe that Sony hasn't really made its mind up on what it wants to do with the game following the initial release.

WarHawk is an all out dust-up where you can battle it out in the skies or on the ground as infantry, in various game modes such as Team Deathmatch, Territories Mode, and Capture the Flag. It's tentatively slated for a July release from the PlayStation Store. We think.

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