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WarHawk on Blu-ray after all

Not just a download game.

Last week we heard that WarHawk would be an online-only game, leading to speculation that the game would be offered for download via Sony's PlayStation Store.

Not so, says the American arm of SCE. "Officially, WarHawk will be released as a Blu-ray-based product. It will see release in late summer," the company told IGN.

The spokesperson also dismissed reports that Phil Harrison had specifically labelled WarHawk a download-only game, telling IGN that this was a "misinterpretation".

What we can expect according to producer Dylan Jones - speaking at GDC last week - is for WarHawk to "leverage many of the features" shown off during the PS3 Home and LittleBigPlanet online demos.

Quite what that means is anyone's guess. Which is why we have a comment system, obviously.

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