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Warframe's co-operative space combat Empyrean update is finally out on Switch

And there's a free 7-day Credit booster too.

Following its highly anticipated release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC late last year, Warframe's Empyrean update, which brings deep space combat to the free-to-play sci-fi hit, is now finally available on Switch.

First unveiled under the name Project Railjack during TennoCon 2019, Empyrean is primarily a co-operative experience, casting teams of four (each assigned the role of tactical, piloting, gunnery, or engineering) out among the stars for some spirited space skirmishes.

Missions task players with completing various objectives - from eliminating foes to obliterating asteroids - and it's even possible to board enemy ships to bring down opponents from within. With each success, individual roles can be levelled up, and Railjacks can be upgraded with functional improvements (affecting weapons, armour, and power) or cosmetic enhancements.

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Before all the deep space excitement can begin, however, players will first need to assemble their Railjacks by embarking on quests and gathering resources. Luckily, eager space farers have had the opportunity to get their affairs in order for a while now, courtesy of Warframe's earlier Rising Tide update.

Developer Digital Extremes has described Empyrean as a "foundational update", explaining that while players can battle the Grineer above Earth, Saturn, and the edges of the Origin System at present, it will be introducing more factions and locations in future updates. Additionally, better balancing for solo players is in the pipeline.

Warframe's Empyrean update is available to download now on Nintendo's console, and, to compensate for the extended wait beyond other platforms, Digital Extremes is giving players a 7-Day Credit booster. Additional details on Empyrean can be found on the Warframe website.