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Warframe celebrates sixth birthday with free skins for all

Orokin of symmetry.

It's not every day you hear about six-year-old online games continuing to grow, but Warframe seems determined to buck the trend. This week the game marks its sixth year of life and record numbers of players - and is celebrating by giving out goodies for all.

Originally released back in 2013, Warframe received a... less than favourable review from Eurogamer, but over the past six years has evolved into a slick and popular title.

2018 appears to have been a particularly big year for Warframe: according to Digital Extremes, the game's registered player base grew from 38 million in March 2018 to "nearly" 50 million in March this year. The game also saw "new peaks for daily active users and monthly active users in 2018", something corroborated by Steam's own stats, which show the game saw an all-time peak of 132,201 concurrents on the platform five months ago.

Over the past year the game also saw its (technically impressive) Switch debut, a huge open-world expansion, battle-pass style limited time events, and frequent updates such as the latest community event, Operation: Buried Debts.

To celebrate the occasion, Tenno can expect to receive a new exclusive Liset Skin along with last year's Dex Excalibur skin "and all its previous anniversary gifts". These will pop into inventories this Wednesday.

Made to Ordis.

While it's already been a busy year, things aren't set to slow down, as Digital Extremes is currently working on a number of other additions. These include two "gameplay and graphics overhauls" focused on remastering the Plains of Eidolon and Gas City. The New War update, meanwhile, will add further quests to the main storyline, and Railjack will bring epic space battles to the mix.

Phew, that's a busy schedule - but at least if I want to relax in game, I can just go fishing Fortuna.

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