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Wada hints at FF Versus XIII on 360

Square Enix "looking into it".

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Square Enix appears to be considering Final Fantasy Versus XIII for release on Xbox 360.

The E3 2006 promise of two new Final Fantasy games for PlayStation 3 apparently had small print.

"We'll be looking into it internally until right before the formal announcement," said Yoichi Wada of an Xbox 360 version, speaking to investors following today's annual earnings report (via VG247).

That "formal announcement" could be at E3 next month, although game director Tetsuya Nomura cast doubt on this in February, revealing that Square Enix had decided to revise the game's map.

What we know of FF Versus XIII so far has been gleaned from showy CG cinematics. But with Final Fantasy XIII now out of the door, the PR coast should be clear.

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