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VVVVVV creator releases Don't Look Back on iOS and Android for free

Suggests it's a "trial run" for VVVVVV.

Terry Cavanagh - creator of VVVVVV and Super Hexagon - has brought his 2009 platformer Don't Look Back to iOS and Android for free.

Initially the iOS port had been rejected by Apple because his marketing material said "there are no in-app purchases or any of that nonsense." Cavanagh had a laugh about it before omitting the offending statement.

Cavanagh said of Don't Look Back, "Despite numerous flaws which are glaringly apparent to me now, it remains a game I'm extremely proud of making."

He noted that part of his reasoning behind bringing the game to mobile was as a testing ground to see if VVVVVV would be well suited to the platform as it uses a similar control scheme to Don't Look Back. "

One of the reasons I thought this port might be fun to do is that I'm considering an iOS and Android port for VVVVVV, so I'm seeing it as kind of a 'trial run.' I don't know if it'll ever happen, and I'm not promising anything - but I'm definitely thinking about it."

VVVVVV was previously made available on PC and Mac before a 3DS version arrived on the eShop. I awarded the 3DS port an 8/10 in my review where I wrote, "While not flashy, long, or for the faint of heart, those with an affinity for old-school difficulty and newfangled mollycoddling checkpoints will find Cavanagh's tribute to the past could teach its high-definition contemporaries a thing or two."

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