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Vlambeer "considering" Nuclear Throne for Xbox One

"Chris Charla and his team seem to be really trying."

Indie developer Vlambeer is considering porting Nuclear Throne to Xbox One after successfully signing up to the ID@Xbox program.

Nuclear Throne is Vlambeer's roguelike set in a mutated wasteland where you scrabble around for guns, shoot anything that slithers towards you, and occasionally grow another appendage or two when you level up. Those are the words of Eurogamer's Christian Donlan, who previewed Nuclear Throne in October.

The game's currently available through Steam's Early Access service, and although it's clearly got a long way to go, it's already an insane amount of fun.

Now, it may come to Microsoft's console. "We're considering Nuclear Throne, yes," producer Rami Ismail told Eurogamer.

Microsoft today announced a raft of developers who have been accepted to the ID@Xbox program, including Vlambeer. The initiative, announced at Gamescom in August, secures two free dev kits and an Xbox One-only Unity Pro seat license to successful applicants. ID@Xbox is headed up by Microsoft's Chris Charla and, so far, Ismail is pleased with the process Microsoft has put in place.

"We're toying around with the devkits now, and so far it's been a pleasant experience," he said. "Chris Charla and his team seem to be really trying."

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