Wasteland Kings

Vlambeer's latest pocket of panicky delight is an intense arcade roguelike that rivals Spelunky and The Binding of Isaac.

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Nuclear Throne modder adds online co-op

"I think I should donate a bit," says Vlambeer's Rami Ismail.

Vlambeer's essential action roguelike Nuclear Throne just received online co-op in the form of an unofficial mod - albeit one embraced by the game's developer.

Nuclear Throne review

EssentialNuclear Throne review

Hail to the king.

Super Crate Box and Luftrausers developer Vlambeer has always excelled at short, sweet bursts of action. When the Dutch developer revealed the release date for its mobile hit Ridiculous Fishing, it chose not to do so via a proper trailer, but rather a seven-second Vine. This flashy, bite-sized nugget of media summed up the tiny studio's works well: zippy, bombastic, and comical. Immediately attention-grabbing and over before you know it, Vlambeer's mobile and handheld titles were the perfect way to while away those wayward minutes when waiting in transit. Yet these were tailor-made for the on-the-go crowd. Would this ethos carry across into a larger game, Vlambeer's most ambitious to date: the action-roguelike Nuclear Throne?

Nuclear Throne

Publisher: Vlambeer

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Surprise! Nuclear Throne is out today

As are Fat Princess Adventures, Guns Up and Bastion Vita.

Super Crate Box and Luftrausers developer Vlambeer's action-roguelike Nuclear Throne is out today on PS4, Vita, PC, Mac and Linux with a PS3 version to follow.

A year on the Throne

Life with Nuclear Throne, Vlambeer's ever-mutating roguelike.

Watching an Early Access game evolve over time is a strange, changeable, exhilarating experience. All the more so when the fixes and updates, buffs and embellishments seem to act as a kind of parallel to the often-tumultuous shifts of direction in your own life - a monster-strewn, post-apocalyptic mirror world.

Weird as it sounds, one of the greatest things about playing a really good Early Access game is not playing it. More accurately, it's about coming back to the game after a period of prolonged absence and seeing all the stuff that's changed while you were away - all the stuff that's new. My return to Vlambeer's Nuclear Throne this Christmas really felt like Christmas, and under the tree - what's this? - a Toxic Launcher, a beautiful new gun that fires the radioactive equivalent of sticky grenades. And holding it, Horror, a beautiful new hero who looks a bit like a sticky grenade himself.

Microsoft's ID@Xbox policy means this indie twin-stick shooter can't launch on Xbox One

Microsoft's ID@Xbox policy means this indie twin-stick shooter can't launch on Xbox One

Assault Android Cactus dev falls foul of "day one parity" clause.

Microsoft's ID@Xbox program means - theoretically - anyone can self-publish on Xbox One. But there are strings attached.

Last week Microsoft announced a list of 32 developers that had been accepted onto the ID@Xbox program. It includes the likes of Double Fine, Slightly Mad Studio and even Crytek.

Interestingly, indie developer Iron Galaxy was on the list for two-button fighting game Divekick, which has already released on PlayStation consoles.

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Dutch independent game developer Vlambeer has had quite the troubled history with lazy developers copying its games. First Gamenauts ripped off Vlambeer's flash title Radical Fishing before the two-person team of Rami Ismail and Jan Willem Nijman could get its commercial remake Ridiculous Fishing onto the market. Then, Rubiq Lab revealed a game called Skyfar, which bared more than a passing resemblance to Vlambeer's upcoming dogfighting game, Luftrausers.

Vlambeer announces action roguelike Wasteland Kings

Vlambeer announces action roguelike Wasteland Kings

Calls it a "tribute to this thing that is Vlambeer".

Super Crate Box and Ridiculous Fishing developer Vlambeer has announced its upcoming "post-apocalyptic action roguelike" Wasteland Kings.

Due in Q4 this year on PC, Wasteland Kings is set in a world of mutants clobbering one another for a chance at the throne. Intriguingly, the radioactive environment will cause mutants to grown new limbs. "Players pick their race, fight their way past dangerous monsters, find powerful weapons, uncover secret areas and grow new limbs, all in a couple of minutes," said Vlambeer's synopsis on the Fantastic Arcade page, where it was selected as a spotlight game in the Austin-based festival.

Originally developed for Mojam, Mojang's livestreamed three-day game jam for charity, Vlambeer decided to expand the prototype into a fully-fledged adventure. In honour of the game's humble origins, Vlambeer will livestream much of its development at Wastelandkings.com, and it promises to play fast and loose with its brainstorming process. "It's a game that allows us to sit down and come up with weird ideas for weapons, monsters and areas. If we get an idea, no matter how weird it is, we can quickly and simply add it," said Vlambeer designer Jan Willem Nijman. "We can work on it for full days or just add a thing in twenty minutes. It's a whole lot of fun."

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