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Play the prototype of Vlambeer's action roguelike Wasteland Kings

Plus its alien gangster rap-themed FPS Gun Godz.

Vlambeer's upcoming action roguelike Wasteland Kings was one of my highlights from PAX Prime last weekend and now its prototype is available for all to play.

In honour of the Super Crate Box developer's third birthday, Vlambeer is giving away the Wasteland Kings prototype. This early build allows you to choose between five classes. The fish has a dodge/roll maneuver; a purple crystal has more HP and a protective shield; the melting zombie fellow has less HP, but more XP and explosive powers; a plant is faster and can dispatch snare traps; and an eye-covered monstrosity can see in the dark and has mind control powers.

You zip around around a series of randomly-generated maps as you shoot, slice, and otherwise murderise a series of increasingly dangerous foes from a top-down perspective. You have to be careful though, as ammo is limited and you can only carry up to two weapons at once. On the plus side, each time you gain a level you can gain a new mutation to increase your health, damage dealt with certain weapon types, or decrease the amount of damage taken from various hazards.

Bear in mind that this is a very early build for a game that was originally developed for Mojam, a three-day game jam hosted by Minecraft developer Mojang. The build I played at PAX Prime was a little further along and had more classes available, like a steroid-ridden muscular brute who could dual-wield weapons. Traipsing around the wasteland with a machine gun in each arm remains one of those delectable delights that appeals to my cro-magnon brain.

Amusingly, when no one was playing Wasteland Kings at PAX, Vlambeer's Rami Ismael would give it a go. "I'm trying not to suck so bad at my own game," he'd say before sheepishly dismissing himself from the player's seat to give me a go.

Elsewhere, Vlambeer also released Gun Godz, its cosmic first-person shooter "about gangster rap on Venus" that was previously only available to Venus Patrol subscribers. Its minimalist FPS gameplay isn't as interesting as Wasteland Kings, but it's got a cracking soundtrack.

Wasteland Kings will be coming to PC Q4 this year with a PS4 and Vita version on the docket as well. Its development is being live-streamed between 1PM and 5PM CET on Vlambeer's Twitch channel.

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