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Android version of Ridiculous Fishing out soon

UPDATE: Released as part of the Humble Mobile Bundle 3.

UPDATE: Ridiculous Fishing is now available for Android as part of the Humble Mobile Bundle 3.

Pay more than the average for its contents and Ridiculous Fishing will be thrown in the bundle too.

Other titles in the offer include Epoch, rymdkapsel, SpellTower, Swordigo and Kingdom Rush. And you can donate to charity!

Android in a bottle.

ORIGINAL STORY: An Android version of superb iOS game Ridiculous Fishing will be released soon, developer Vlambeer has announced.

The port is almost finished, the developer said in a blog post, "and the next time you see us mentioning this should be when it releases. It might be sooner than you think."

Vlambeer's other in-development games, Luftrausers and Nuclear Throne, look set for release on Windows 8 at some point, too.

"We've decided to use Luftrausers and Nuclear Throne as test projects for Windows 8 support," Vlambeer said, "so as soon as those are done our own end we hope we can look into Windows 8 support for Super Crate Box, GUN GODZ and Serious Sam: The Random Encounter."

Speaking of Luftrausers, the PC, PlayStation 3 and Vita dogfighting game will likely launch in early 2014, although a 2013 release remains possible. It's currently in the hands of publisher Devolver Digital and Sony as the gears of PlayStation certification grind on.

"The way we worked with Luftrausers, in hindsight, wasn't really optimal," Vlambeer admitted. "We assumed that certification would be harsh, but didn't expect it to take more than a month or two.

"While a part of our team was already focusing on Nuclear Throne and Ridiculous Fishing, we kept being pulled back to fix things or add last minute changes to the game to fit within the requirements. Switching between projects in such different states mentally is extremely exhausting, and a lot of our time was spent orienting on where the game was and where it needed to go."

As for Nuclear Throne, Vlambeer announced it has sold over 10,000 copies in a couple of weeks on Steam Early Access, "which is absolutely mindblowing to us".

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