Ridiculous Fishing

Dutch independent game developer Vlambeer has had quite the troubled history with lazy developers copying its games. First Gamenauts ripped off Vlambeer's flash title Radical Fishing before the two-person team of Rami Ismail and Jan Willem Nijman could get its commercial remake Ridiculous Fishing onto the market. Then, Rubiq Lab revealed a game called Skyfar, which bared more than a passing resemblance to Vlambeer's upcoming dogfighting game, Luftrausers.

Ridiculous Fishing review

Ridiculous Fishing review

Fish and clips.

You don't often get tales of high drama or years of development hell in the quickfire world of mobile gaming, but here's one. Ridiculous Fishing, over two years in the making, is a fleshed-out version of Radical Fishing, the crude but compelling Flash debut of Dutch indies Vlambeer. (You might know these die-hard arcade fanatics from the phenomenal Super Crate Box.)

You can get the full story from the horse's website, but the gist is that Vlambeer put together a dream team to remake Radical Fishing for iOS - talent that has had a hand in everything from Spelltower to Spelunky and Solipskier. But this supergroup was dealt a cruel blow when a clone of Radical Fishing - I won't do it the dignity of naming it here - hit the App Store first and cleaned up. Depressed and demotivated, the team let its project languish and moved on to other things, almost disintegrating in the process. It must have taken a mighty effort of will to go back to it - but here it is, its troubled gestation belied by its confident polish and impish sense of humour. This game isn't subtitled "A Tale of Redemption" just for laughs.

Ridiculous Fishing is a pure mobile game, one of those one-minute one-shots you'll rerun hundreds of times. At its heart is a see-saw rhythm, a single, perfectly described parabola of silliness that ends exactly where it starts - with you hitting the button marked "Fish!" for another go.

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