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Virgin's Dead 'n' Furious

It's a game of zombie touch.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Virgin Play wants to turn your DS into a portable arcade machine with Dead 'n' Furious.

It tells the story of Rob Steiner, a man gaoled for a crime he didn't commit. You take control of him as he explores an eerily empty prison, moments before a horde of rotten zombies attack.

It's an on-rails shooter based on classic titles like House of the Dead and Time Crisis. You'll use your stylus like those fearsome plastic arcade guns, by touching the screen to blast zombie flesh and reloading by dragging ammo into the game screen.

You'll be automatically guided around and use your d-pad to adjust the camera angles. You'll have the option of multiple routes each with unique endings, and those of you too scared to do it alone will be able to draft in a friend using wireless co-op.

Dead 'n' Furious will have all the hidden secrets and unlock able treats you'd expect to increase it's game life, and is expected to be released some time this year.

Head over to our Dead 'n' Furious gallery for a look at the latest screenshots.

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