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Video: The world of Game of Thrones recreated in Minecraft

Exploring WesterosCraft.

George R. R. Martin is said to have first started writing A Song of Ice and Fire back in 1991, believing that he could tell his story in a trilogy of novels and probably wrap it all up before the start of the Third Millennium. This didn't quite go to plan, did it? 24 years later and we're still on book five of seven. Come on George, mate.

Speaking to the project lead of WesterosCraft, Jacob Granberry, I realised there was something of a comparison to be made. His initial plan to build the world of Game of Thrones within Minecraft was only supposed to take a year or two at most, and yet almost four years later, he's still going. His team has grown to include over one hundred active volunteers, but their ambitions seem to have grown alongside them. As I caught up with Jacob over the weekend, I found both Kings Landing and Winterfell being rebuilt from scratch. Those are no small tasks.

Anyway! He was kind enough to give me a brief tour of the server and their progress so far. Join us below:

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