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Mobs announced for fan vote ahead of Minecraft Live

UPDATE: All potential mobs have now been announced.

UPDATE 14/10/21: All three potential mobs have now been announced ahead of the Minecraft Live event this weekend.

Newly added to the vote are the Allay and Copper Golem mobs.

If you give the Allay an item, it will then gather more of the same or similar items. It's also "a huge music buff and loves to dance", apparently.

The Copper Golem is, as you'd expect, made from copper which means it will oxidise over time and looks pretty cute.

Voting on the fan favourite mob begins on 16th October via Twitter, with the winning mob added to the game at a later date.

ORIGINAL STORY 12/10/21: Ahead of the Minecraft Live event at the weekend, Mojang is announcing the potential creatures players can vote to add to the game.

Last year's event saw the introduction of the Glow Squid mob, which fans voted into the game and was added in version 1.17 in June.

The first potential creature to be announced this year is the Glare mob: an adorable looking vine monster who will alert players when light levels are low enough to spawn enemies. Enemies like skeletons, zombies and creepers only spawn in the dark - be it at night or in caves - so the Glare mob will provide a cute and useful indicator.

How? By "throwing a hissy fit", according to the official blurb. The Glare mob hates the dark and loves tantrums.

More potential mobs will be unveiled later in the week, so we'll update this page with details.

The vote will take place on Twitter during the Minecraft Live event, which premieres on Saturday 16th October at 5PM UK time on YouTube and Twitch.

The event will also showcase the 1.18 update and its features coming to the game in the near future.

For all the updates, visit the Minecraft Live website.

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