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Forza, Minecraft and more come to Game Pass in November

A forza to be reckoned with.

Microsoft has announced the games coming to Xbox Game Pass and it's an exciting month ahead.

At the top of the billing is Forza Horizon 5, available day one from 9th November across PC, console and cloud. The latest in the series is set in Mexico and is looking stunning.

Also available day one on 9th November is Football Manager 2022 on PC. Its unrivalled simulation is also arriving in an Xbox Edition that's specially tailored for the console (and cloud).

Cover image for YouTube videoForza Horizon 5 is Stunning - Xbox Series X/S Hands-On - A DF Direct Special

The month begins, though, with Minecraft: Java and Bedrock Editions on PC from 2nd November. All editions are now available in one launcher, and you can cross-play with any current version of the game including consoles and mobile.

Unpacking, the indie game about, well, unpacking is also out on 2nd November - a zen puzzle game with a touchingly sentimental story. It's on console, cloud and PC.

Co-op adventure It Takes Two will be added across console, cloud and PC from 4th November - play with a friend using Friend's Pass.

That same day sees Kill It with Fire released (cloud, console, PC) - a first-person game about hunting spiders that is definitely not for arachnophobes.

Two more games hit the subscription service from 11th November. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the only game from the remastered trilogy available on Game Pass on console, updating the PS2 classic with visual and control enhancements. Then there's One Step from Eden on PC and console, a mixture of deck-building, real-time action and rogue-like gameplay.

For all the details, check out Xbox Wire.