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Video points to Witcher console release

Game designer discussing improvements.

As CD Projekt continues to tease its next game, a user-posted video on Gametrailers may have let the cat out of the bag, in the shape of a 6-minute, cinematic-backed interview with game designer Jakob Stilinsky discussing console versions.

The Witcher: Rise of the Wolf is the name, allegedly, and Stilinsky said on the undated video that the Xbox 360 and PS3 "adaptation" benefits from "a completely new combat system that is more dynamic and more engaging", along with sharper visuals and other console-specific improvements.

"There are hundreds of new mocap animations in the console version. We also wanted movement of the character, the main hero and the enemies, to be more realistic and fluent, so we are mocapping a lot of new movements," he explained, adding that Geralt, certain story characters and enemies also benefit from many more polygons than the previous PC releases, presumably including the Enhanced Edition.

Enemies also have updated AI including more dynamic movement, Stilinsky said, while the engine itself now has dynamic lighting and shadowing, normal mapping and new vegetation. "We will have full support for the Achievement and Trophy systems and the Sixaxis on PS3," he concluded.

CD Projekt has yet to comment on the video, which was posted by a fan rather than the site's moderators, although the fact Stilinsky's on it and it's topped by an Atari logo suggests it's genuine, even though die-hard Witcher fans hold vigil for some sort of confirmation or denial on the official forums.

The Witcher is an action-RPG based on the fantasy books by Andrzej Sapkowski that recently enjoyed a spectacular update in The Witcher: Enhanced Edition for PC, which picked up 8/10 from us. "There are still some rough edges, and moments of genuine drama are still undercut by how they're performed, but this is an agreeably driven RPG in an agreeably ornate package," PC gaming's very own sword-swinging womaniser Kieron Gillen asserted.

We'll let you know about confirmation, or a prospective release date, as soon as CD Projekt and/or Atari get back to us.