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Video: How does the PS4 Tomb Raider compare to the original?

Definitive Edition brings better hair, more Bruce Forsyth.

The January lull seems lullier than ever, thanks no doubt to an industry that tired itself out in the process of launching two new consoles late last year, meaning we're left to get excited about re-releases. Crystal Dynamic's Tomb Raider reboot has at least had the decency to doll itself up for the occasion, hitting the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with new character models and enhanced visuals for the 'Definitive Edition'.

Digital Foundry will be looking into how the two new versions compare - and as you may have figured already, the results are sure to be interesting - and in the meantime Ian Higton's prepared a quick look at how the PlayStation 4 compares to the original on Xbox 360. There are the obvious improvements - that hair! - as well as some slightly stranger ones. The new Lara model looks a bit more like Bruce Forsyth, apparently, and Ian also suffers from the strange interruptions that the next-gen hardware brings.

Digital Foundry's report will be going live in the near future, and you can click the big black box below to see Ian's own take right now.

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