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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Video: Forspoken is a fascinating new outing for many of the Final Fantasy 15 team

New gameplay and new details from Square Enix's new triple-A IP.

Ever since it was first announced under the guise of Project Athia, there's been some intrigue about Forspoken - unsurprisingly, really, given it's being made from many of the same team behind Final Fantasy 15, matched with an all-star writing team featuring the likes of Amy Hennig and Gary Whitta.

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Square Enix recently presented a brief hands-off look at Forspoken in action, delving into plenty more details such as its open world, its magic-tinged combat and, er, a sentient bracelet that talks to you throughout. It was only a short glimpse, yet there's a lot to unpack there - so Aoife's collected 11 standout details you need to know about Forspoken, matched with a fresh look at the game in action. Enjoy!