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Venba's mouthwatering DLC arrives free this month

Chef's kiss.

Screenshot from Venba showing Venba with her son and husband eating a meal together
Image credit: Visai Games

If you, like me, fell rather in love with Visai Games' narrative cooking game Venba last year, I have good news. Its Cookbook DLC is on the way, with a release date set just two weeks away.

Venba's Cookbook DLC will arrive on 13th March and - even better - when it does arrive, it will be free for all owners of the base game.

Here's Venba's release trailer, to give you a little taster.Watch on YouTube

Venba's upcoming DLC will offer players a way to look through detailed recipes for the dishes made in the game. This is something, let's be honest, we all wanted while playing along. Everything just looked (and sounded) so delicious.

I had a quick look at the Venba team's TikTok account, and one post gave a little teaser for the upcoming DLC's biryani recipe. This is absolutely going to be on my menu as soon as I get my hands on the DLC. I am actually getting quite hungry just thinking about it... is 11.30am too early for supper?

We awarded Venba four out of five stars on its release last year.

"Venba's simple gameplay allows you to enjoy its story more, and though its presence is as temporary as a 90-minute movie, the rarity of such experiences always leave you feeling good once the credits start to roll," Emad Ahmed wrote in Eurogamer's Venba review.

"The day prior to playing Venba, my sister and I made biryani together. But after this experience, I wanted to do it all over again."

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