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VATS a lovely-looking Fallout 3 remade in Fallout 4

SPECIAL, even.

Fallout 3, which will be 10 years old this year (good grief!), is being remade using the Fallout 4 engine for the Capital Wasteland project.

It's making good progress judging by a new video, which shows the player meeting the Brotherhood of Steel paladins at Tenleytown Station and going on to take down a Super Mutant Behemoth. It doesn't quite have the crumbly atmosphere of the original game but it looks undeniably more up to date.

Here's the Capital Wasteland footage next to relevant sections from the original Fallout 3 game.

Cover image for YouTube video
Cover image for YouTube videoFallout 3 GOTY Gameplay, Part 16: Meeting Brotherhood Paladins at Tenleytown Station (in 1080p HD)
Cover image for YouTube videoFallout 3 GOTY Gameplay, Part 17: Meeting a Super Mutant Behemoth, and Three Dog! (in 1080p HD)

Capital Wasteland has no completion date because it's a voluntary project worked on in people's spare time - and they're looking for help if you're up for it.

Capital Wasteland will be PC-only modification because it's "well past the limitations for Bethesda.net modifications for consoles" according to the Capital Wasteland website.

In a January update, the team said "at least 40 per cent of the [Fallout 3] wasteland has been painstakingly recreated by the team" and that major quests The Wasteland Survival Guide and Following His Footsteps were done. Vault 101 and the childhood intro are apparently still a work in progress, as is so much else. There are project updates stretching back to April 2017 on the Capital Wasteland website.