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Vanillaware reveals Grand Knights History

Muramasa dev working on PSP RPG.

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The developer behind much-admired Wii platformer Muramasa: The Demon's Blade and cult PlayStation 2 favourite Odin Sphere has announced its next project: a PSP RPG called Grand Knights History.

According to Japanese mag Famitsu, as translated by 1Up, it's a traditional turn-based role-player.

Plot and gameplay details are scarce, but the action will apparently play out in the land of Ristia with you taking control of one of three factions of knights. You'll need to manage your squad by tweaking their stats and customising their appearance.

"The 2D characters will be animated just like in our action games, and we're also challenging ourselves to build a new type of gameplay by fusing online and offline," said project director Tomohiko Deguchi.

"Most RPGs up to now involve one person or a group of friends playing together, but we're trying to set up this new kind of game, a full-on war that all the users are connected together in. It's a war RPG where not just one player, not just a few people, but all of the players are drawn together as they fight."

Marvelous Entertainment is publishing in Japan, with a Summer release planned. European and US releases aren't mentioned.

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