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Vanguard: SoH out now

Telon opens up.

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Sigil Games Online's long awaited fantasy adventure Vanguard: Saga of Heroes has launched simultaneously today across Europe and the US.

For the cost of the game and a monthly subscription of GBP 9.49 you can immerse yourself in the world of Telon, a land of "no boundaries," according to the developer, where you'll choose from 19 different races and 15 individual professions.

It's a traditional MMO in many senses, built on a level-based foundation with mounts to ride, ships to sail, and houses to erect.

However, it does seek to add a layer of depth that other well-known games seemingly don't offer, expanding its crafting and trading system to give countless options to whittle away at your spare-time.

We'll be giving you our verdict on Sigil's efforts soon. Meanwhile you can catch up with out recent impressions elsewhere on the site.

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