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Major free updates coming for Vanguard

Level cap increase, dungeons, skill system.

Sony Online Entertainment's fantasy MMO Vanguard: Saga of Heroes will have its level cap raised to 55, see two new dungeons, and introduce a new high-level advancement system - all for free, and in "the next few months".

That's according to an Allakhazam interview with lead designer Salim Grant.

After Game Update 6 focused on revamping the starting experience for new Vanguard players, the latest plans are all aimed at the business end of the game.

The two new dungeons - first announced at last year's SOE Fan Faire - are a complete overhaul of Pantheon of the Ancients, and the Nexus. Both are aimed at level 50-55 players, and both will feature group and raid content.

The "alternative advancement" system will be modelled on the original EverQuest's, and allow max-level players to gain "AA" experience which can be used towards new special abilities. Grant also mentions an "item enhancement" system, although doesn't offer any details.

It's not clear whether all this will be delivered to players in a single patch or across several Game Updates, but the plans are ambitious nonetheless. We'll have more on Vanguard in the coming weeks.