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Vanguard access this week

From Friday. $15/month, mind.

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Early access to the full version of Vanguard: Saga of Heroes will be offered to players who've pre-ordered from 26th January at 10am PST (6pm GMT), Sigil Games announced overnight.

The official launch of the game takes place on 30th January, but pre-orders will be able to pitch up and hop onto one of the European or North American servers (there are no regional restrictions), as well as enjoying the benefits of a pre-order endurance buff scroll.

Subscription to Vanguard will cost $14.99 every month, with discounts available for longer periods of commitment, or alternatively it's included in the $24.99 "Station Access" subscription if you want to play some other of Sony Online Entertainment's MMO titles.

Server names are being listed on the game's official website if you want to camp out a spot, and be sure to check back here shortly after the game's launch to see what our intrepid heroes make of the early sagas. There'll be a review, like. That's what we're getting at.

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