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Valorant weapon skin bundle turns your gun into a cute little dragon - costs £90

Fire sale.

Riot has revealed Valorant's first "Ultra Edition" weapons skins, and they're as expensive as they are eye-catching.

The video below shows the Elderflame weapon skins, which turns your guns into a cute little dragon.

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This is one of the most elaborate weapon skins I've ever seen in a video game. It's more much than a reactive camo, or a slightly-rejigged weapon model. It's a fully-animated dragon as a gun with dynamic effects. It's mightily impressive - although I can imagine dying a fair few times while gawping at the thing.

It'll cost you, too. On the Valorant store, Ultra Edition skins cost 2475 VP each. Based on the real-world cost of VP (of course you can't buy the exact number you want because video games), you're looking at around £23 for one weapon skin.

However, the suggestion is you'll have to pay even more. Riot says the Elderflame weapon skins are available in a bundle of four - potentially with free stuff thrown in. In the video we see an assault rifle, an automatic pistol, a sniper rifle and a knife. But it may be the case that you get the AR, shotgun, automatic pistol and sniper skins, with the knife skin thrown in. Whatever you actually get, we know the bundle will cost 9900 VP, which is around £90.

It's worth noting Valorant skins can be upgraded with a different currency you can earn through the game's battle pass or buy with VP, so you can potentially spend even more money. It's not clear what the upgrades will do in this case, but what is clear is if you want the Elderflame skins at their very best, you'll need to burn a hole in your wallet.

Are the Elderflame skins too expensive? The Valorant community is debating that now. There are comparisons being made between this weapon skin bundle and the astonishing cost of some Counter-Strike: Global Offensive weapon skins sold on the third party market. Perhaps a better comparison is with character skins in MOBAs such as League of Legends and Dota 2.

We'll know more later today, when Riot breaks down the price. The Ultra Edition Skin Collection: Elderflame, as it's called, launches in Valorant this Friday, 10th June.

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