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User uproar over From Dust PC port

DRM, locked 30fps, bugs, crashes…

Ubisoft has incurred the wrath of its PC userbase over the state of the desktop version of From Dust.

As detailed in full over on Rock, Paper, Shotgun, users have taken to the game's official forum with a long list of grievances about the port.

First and foremost is the game's DRM. The publisher had originally pledged, via a message board post, that users would only need to sign in once to register the game. However, the released version actually demands you sign in at the start of every play session.

The initial statement was later removed from the forum, then re-posted today with an update stating "Details of the following post are being checked - expect an official statement shorty." A new post has since clarified that you will need to log-in every time you boot up the game.

On top of the DRM brouhaha, users are reporting a litany of technical issues with the PC port, including start-up crashes, a locked 30fps framerate, no anti-aliasing, no graphical customisation settings and all manner of bugs and glitches.

A message from the forum manager advised anyone having a problem with the game to get in touch with customer support.

"Reporting the issues to them is the first step to them creating a patch, so please make sure you are reporting it directly to them.

"I have alerted the team about the issues people are facing, however these forums are not designed to offer support - so if you need help, please contact them directly."

The Xbox Live Arcade version of Eric Chahi's ambitious god game won a glowing 9/10 from Eurogamer last month. A PlayStation 3 version is due out next month.