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US Shivering Isles PS3 disc

No word on Europe yet.

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PS3-owning fans of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion keen to see what happens on those fabled Shivering Isles without forking out for the Game Of The Year edition will finally get the chance to do so next month, as Bethesda Softworks has announced plans to release a retail PS3 version of the expansion on 20th November.

Or at least, they have in the States. For now, the developer is unable to comment on the expansion's fate in Europe. "When we have more to announce for Europe, we'll let people know," a staffer explained on the Bethesda blog post comment thread relating to the US announcement.

That means that if you want to experience Shivering Isles, the only confirmed way of doing so over here (besides importing - and we couldn't tell you whether save-games will be compatible) is to buy the Game Of The Year edition, which includes the full game and Shivering Isles along with the Knights of the Nine downloadable content. Ubisoft will be distributing that - they said earlier this month that it will be out in December, although some retailers list it for the middle of next month.

Still, with the expansion's European fate still seemingly to be decided, there is hope, so you might want to hold out. Bethesda has also previously said on its blog that it is looking at the possibility of getting Shivering Isles out via PlayStation Network, which would undoubtedly prove to be a better option for most players.

For more on what's happening across the pond, and how the disc will work in practise, check out the Bethesda blog post and comments thread for clarification. Or, you can read our Shivering Isles PC review for more on what you're missing/not missing/confused about.

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