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Unpacking Easter egg hides cover art for developer's next game

"No one has found it yet!"

Brilliant indie Unpacking has an Easter egg for developer Witchbeam's next game, the studio has now revealed.

The upcoming project, for now named "TemPoPo", is still under-wraps. But "a pixel art rendition of the key art... existings somewhere inside Unpacking", Witchbeam has said.

The developer dropped the hint in a new blog update, and noted that no one had found the Easter egg so far. Still, the expectation is that now this information is out there, it shouldn't be hard to discover. "Let us know if you find it!" Witchbeam concluded.

Cover image for YouTube videoLet's Play Unpacking - Lo-fi Games to Relax to
Eurogamer plays Unpacking!

For my money, the most likely pixel art candidates here are in some of Unpacking's pictures, which you can frame on some of the game's walls - though there are also plenty of books with unique pixel art on their covers.

Worth a look this weekend?

Last month, Unpacking finally arrived on PlayStation 4 and PS5, after originally launching for Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox last November.

For more on Unpacking, Ed recently spoke with Witchbeam about the game's success - including the team's double win at this year's BAFTA Games awards, where it picked up prizes for narrative design and the public-voted Game of the Year.