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Acclaimed tidy-'em-up puzzler Unpacking arrives on mobile this month

Box trot.

Unpacking arrives on mobile this month
Image credit: Witch Beam

Developer Witch Beam's zen puzzler Unpacking will be making its way to mobile devices this month.

Players will be able to unpack this charming addition via the Apple App Store and Google Play on 24th August.

Meanwhile, it is available to pre-order on iOS devices, for £9.99/$9.99.

Here's our Aoife with a chilled out Unpacking stream.Watch on YouTube

Unpacking is already available for PC and across consoles. If you haven't played it yet, it is well worth checking out. It has won scores of praise and awards since its release, including Game of the Year at last year's Indie Live Expo awards and the BAFTA for best narrative in 2022.

Eurogamer's former editor-in-chief Martin called Unpacking "an irresistible thing" back in 2021, when we announced it as Eurogamer's own Game of the Year.

"Here's a puzzle game, at surface, about tidying things away, a premise that's compelling enough alone," he wrote. "There's something soothing about the fundamentals of neatly folding away t-shirts and socks while proudly stacking books on once empty shelves.

"Match that with the melancholy of a life packed away in cardboard boxes, the slight voyeuristic thrill of poking through someone else's possessions and the potency of a life's story told through the objects one person chooses to carry with them through the years and you have something truly potent.

"I've never played anything quite like Unpacking: I've never come across such human storytelling in a game that's remarkably absent of them. What an achievement this is."

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