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Uncharted 4 deepfake starring Nathan Fillion is as impressive as it is scary

No no no no no!

We're used to seeing famous actors' faces implanted into footage of movies via the problematic power of the deepfake. But what about famous actors' faces implanted into footage of video games?

That's exactly what one deepfake creator, who goes by the name Jarkan has done, importing Nathan Fillion's face into Uncharted 4 and replacing poor Nathan Drake's virtual chops in the process.


For the uninitiated, deepfake software lets users swap out one person's face for another with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning. It's arrival has been met with a good deal of concern, particularly around fraud and ethical issues.

While Jarkan's work is truly impressive, it's also proper weird to see Nathan Fillion's face instead of Nathan Drake's in Uncharted. Fillian is an obvious choice for this deepfake, of course. The Firefly and Castle star has long been touted as a great fit for Drake in any Uncharted movie. (In fact, Fillion played Drake in a pretty cool live action fan film.) But still, Fillion's face in Uncharted 4 just doesn't sit well with me. It is not the natural order of things.

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What next? Nicolas Cage as all the video game characters? Oh wait...

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