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UK Charts: Midnight Club 3 topples FIFA Street

FIFA fo fum, I smell the DUB of an... it's not working is it?

Rockstar's Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition has knocked Electronic Arts' FIFA Street off the top of the UK charts at last, with the racing title moving up one place into the top spot - just marginally ahead of Eidos' LEGO Star Wars.

Only 483 sales separate the top two titles in this week's Chart-Track rankings, with LEGO Star Wars very narrowly missing the top spot in its debut week - a well deserved success for the hugely critically acclaimed title.

Midnight Club 3, meanwhile, records the first all formats number one ranking for the Midnight Club series, pushing FIFA Street down to number three in the chart after a month at the top - although the "urban" soccer title retains the number one spot in the PS2 chart.

Microsoft scoops the only other new entry in the top ten, with Canadian developer Bioware's action RPG title Jade Empire coming in at number seven, and unsurprisingly topping the Xbox sales chart.

There's a slightly disappointing debut for the other big Xbox title of the week, with Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict, the first game in the Unreal franchise to be published by Midway, coming in at number 25, while the only other new entry of the week is Take 2's PC title Stronghold 2 at number 17.

There's also fairly minimal movement inside the top ten, although THQ's The Punisher re-enters the ranking, climbing five places to number ten, while World of Warcraft drops back down four places to number 11 after popping back into the top ten following the arrival of new stock a couple of weeks ago.

The missing in action list for the week is quite short, then, but does tragically include the excellent GBA title Yoshi's Universal Gravitation, which fails to dent the top 40, as does comic book themed action PC title Freedom Force Vs. The Third Reich.

Next week is a fairly quiet one for games retail, but it does see the arrival of GameCube exclusive Star Fox: Assault, Vivendi's PC strategy title Empire Earth II, Take 2's Close Combat: First to Fight, and NCSoft's Guild Wars, all of which will be hoping to take a chunk out of the top 40 ranking.