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Ubisoft fully details today's Ghost Recon Breakpoint Terminator event

Adds two story missions, limited-time rewards.

Following its detail-light tease earlier this week, Ubisoft has revealed more on its new Terminator crossover for Ghost Recon Breakpoint, which starts today, 29th January.

Proceedings should already be underway and include the opportunity to take on a challenging T-800 cyborg in daily warfare and interception missions. Additionally, today brings the first of two new Terminator-themed narrative missions that can be played either solo or co-operatively. The second arrives on 1st February.

Breakpoint's full Terminator story arc, which plays out in new location Auroa, sees players teaming up with future lady Rasa Aldwin, and Ubisoft says to expect "multiple mission settings, enemies and dialogues inspired from the original 1984 The Terminator movie".

Cover image for YouTube videoGhost Recon Breakpoint: The Terminator Live Event - Trailer

Completing the missions between 29th January and 6th February will award the likes of Terminator-themed weapons and vehicles, plus the movie's "iconic punk" outfit. There are also cosmetic packs, enabling players to dress their Ghosts as the Terminator or Kyle Reese.

While time-limited rewards will only be available during the live events, Ubisoft says the two story missions will remain in-game.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint's Terminator event is available on all platforms - that's Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and, yes, Stadia.