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Ubi to consider Splinter Cell DLC later

"Too early to even think about DLC."

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Ubisoft has told Eurogamer that it's "too early to even think about DLC" for Splinter Cell: Conviction.

"Right now we're focusing solely on delivering the best game possible," Maxime Béland said during our recent extended Splinter Cell: Conviction hands-on.

"Once the game has shipped, we will shift our focus towards DLC content."

We also asked whether Ubisoft's decision to make more Splinter Cell more often meant for gamers.

"I think it's a great thing, for you and for us," he said, "as long as we keep focusing on making great experiences with high quality production values.

Sadly our interview was conducted prior to the PlayStation Move unveil at GDC, but we did ask whether there was any interest in getting Splinter Cell to work with Project Natal.

"Personally, I would love to play with Natal and see what the possibilities are," we were told. "As a company we are investing in lots of R&D for Natal, so if they find an interesting angle for it with Splinter Cell you never know what might happen!"

Check out our recent Splinter Cell: Conviction hands-on for more. The game's out for PC and Xbox 360 on 16th April.

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