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Two years later, Destiny player glitches all the way into Atheon's throne room in the Vault of Glass

Patience and time.

Ever since Destiny came out, players have been trying to unearth the secrets of the Vault of Glass, the game's first - and best - raid.

The Vault of Glass is as sprawling as it is mysterious, and while many players of the game have worked their way through its maze-like innards as developer Bungie intended, there is an entire community of players who have dedicated their time to seeing areas they are not supposed to see.

One area in particular that has fascinated Destiny players is Atheon's throne room. Atheon, the end boss of the Vault of Glass, appears in three forms: its present form, and two other forms that are on set within some different timeline.

During the boss fight, Atheon teleports players to these alternative throne rooms. You have to fight your way back to the present, main throne room to continue the battle.

It turns out you can visit these throne rooms - as well as the main throne room - safe from the annoyance of an Atheon spawn if you glitch your way into the Vault of Glass from the bog standard Venus patrol mode, then proceed to glitch your way deep deep down, past the Gorgon's Labyrinth to a spot from which you can explore the throne rooms.

Redditor djxyz0 was the first to make it all the way to the throne rooms, posting about his achievement on r/DestinyTheGame and uploading a video, below, that shows exactly how he did it. The 15 minute video is packed with intricate Sparrow movement, expert map knowledge and clever glitching. djxyz0 demonstrates plenty of patience and time as he inches his way towards his goal.

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Did you know that your Sparrow falls faster than your Guardian? I didn't. djxyz0 uses this physics-bending phenomena to reach areas he wouldn't normally be able to reach, at first falling, then allowing his Sparrow to catch him up before pressing the button at the last second to jump back on. It's pretty impressive.

We won't spoil what awaits the player when they reach the throne rooms, but it's fair to say djxyz0 seems more interested in the journey the Destiny community has gone on to get to this point. For them, he says, the desire to see the Vault of Glass from a different point of view - and then spending countless hours working out how to do so - is the reason they play the game.

The Vault of Glass may still retain one secret players are yet to uncover. There's a group who believe there's a secret chest hidden in the raid that no-one has yet found. Are they crazy? Perhaps...