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Two-button fighting game Divekick coming to Xbox One

"Divekick will take advantage of all the platform's unique capabilities."

Two-button fighting game Divekick will release on Xbox One, its developer has announced.

Iron Galaxy is part of Microsoft's ID@Xbox program, which enables the studio to self-publish on Xbox One. As a result, Divekick is coming to the console.

"All developers care about is being able to make the games they want and get them into the hands of as many people as possible," Iron Galaxy's Dave Lang said.

"Now, thanks to ID@Xbox, Iron Galaxy can bring Divekick to a Microsoft platform for the first time."

There's a distinct lack of information about the port, but Lang did promise the Xbox One version will utilise the console's "unique capabilities". Kinect support, perhaps?

"We've been working on Xbox One games for a while now, and because of that you can bet Divekick will take advantage of all the platform's unique capabilities," he said.

Divekick launched in August on PC, PlayStation 3 and Vita, and is also due out on PlayStation 4.

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