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Twitch Sings shuts down January 2021

Mic drop.

Twitch Sings shuts down on 1st January 2021, Twitch has announced.

The curtain falls on the karaoke game designed for streamers and built by Rock Band developer Harmonix less than two years after it launched in April 2019.

"As we look to the future, we have decided to invest in broader tools and services that will help support and grow the entire music community on Twitch," Twitch said in a FAQ. "Because of this, we have made the difficult decision to close Twitch Sings on January 1, 2021.

"This community has inspired us with their talent and passion, and we thank you all for what you've given to Twitch Sings."

Twitch said it'll begin removing Sings videos and clips on 1st December, and then on 1st January the game will stop working. All past broadcasts, uploaded videos, highlights, and clips from Twitch Sings will be removed by 1st January 2021. But to go out with a bang, Twitch is releasing its backlog of more than 400 new songs for all players.

Twitch Sings worked karaoke classics players could sing either alone or in a duet with another person. The hook was streamers could choose to sing as themselves in a live camera feed, or create an avatar to appear in their place that would appear in front of a crowd.

Twitch Sings made a big splash at TwitchCon in October 2018, but clearly it failed to do the business for Amazon-owned Twitch. At the time of this article's publication, Twitch Sings had 161,182 followers on Twitch and 910 viewers.

Fans took to the Twitch Sings subreddit to express their disappointment in the upcoming closure, with some saying it had helped them through lockdown.

"... going to miss singing though, met a lot of good friends though this app," wrote redditor LettesPlay.

"What is the possibility of us paying to maintain servers or having the devs let us use a private server for personal use?" asked Jarl_of_reddit.

"I'm not going to lie, I've been quite depressed during the pandemic. Twitch Sings and the beautiful people I have made friends with has been a singular saving grace. Right now I'm in shock. This can't be ending."

"TS has been an oasis of socialising during lockdown and I'm not sure what to replace it with yet," pyve said.

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