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Trials Fusion breaks 1m sales after three months

Free update adds local custom multiplayer maps.

It's taken a few months but Trials Fusion has finally surpassed 1m sales. That's across PC, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Coinciding with the news comes the release of a new free update that lets you build your own Supercross tracks for local multiplayer. There are improvements to Tournaments, Track Central and the Track Editor, too.

In addition, 15 of the best community tracks have been bundled up and stuffed on the Uplay Recommended feed in Track Central.

Trials Fusion, the latest and next-generest of the Trials games, came out in April. It honed the motorbike side-scrolling platform/racing game to a fine sheen, but underneath the formula is stagnating.

"We've had enough evolution," Tom Bramwell wrote in our Trials Fusion review. "What Trials needs next is revolution."

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