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Treasure keen to work on Wii

But Xbox 360 is current focus.

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Japanese shootermeisters Treasure are primed to work on Nintendo Wii, but not right now because they're busy.

That's according to president Masato Maegawa, who says the developer currently has its hands full with Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS.

"But absolutely, in the future, we'll make a Wii game. We've already been in discussions with Nintendo about it," he told 1UP.

"We're just brainstorming right now, but I am already certain we'll be able to do something really unique with it."

He also said it was possible we'd see a PS3 title, but, again, it all depends on time and resources. After all, they aren't the sort of developer who can make games on the scale of Final Fantasy XII, as Maegawa points out.

The team is currently working on an Xbox 360 game, which Maegawa says will be "an original shooting title," but it won't be out "for a while" and a publisher's yet to be decided. Maegawa doesn't see it as a spiritual successor to either Radiant Silvergun or Ikaruga though, in case you were wondering.

The developer also harbours Xbox Live Arcade aspirations, he says. "Personally, I'm really interested in Live Arcade, and I really want to do something for it - but it depends on whether it'll make sense to do another completely original project just for that," he explains.

And yes, it's possible we'll see older Treasure games on Live Arcade, as well as Virtual Console, but Maegawa admits the team is cautious about doing so because it fears making a mockery of the people who've spent time and money collecting the original versions.

"We've actually had conversations internally about whether this is disrepectful to our hardcore fans," he says, "but hopefully people don't see it that way."

For more on Treasure's current exploits, check out the rest of the interview.

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