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Total War: Warhammer future DLC plans include free new race

Order, order!

Creative Assembly has revealed the different kinds of DLC coming to Total War: Warhammer post-launch.

There will be free DLC and there will be paid DLC, which will be split into Lord Packs and Race Packs, and the beefier Campaign Packs.

The free DLC will go as far as offering a whole new playable race "towards the end of the year", the developer said in a blog post. Included will be new Legendary Lords, magic items, quest chains and units.

Separate to that there will also be free new units, magic lores and Legendary Lords.

Paid Lord Packs, meanwhile, will typically include: two new playable Legendary Lords, with their own quest chains campaign bonuses and quest items; two Lords to serve as generals; a new and unique unit; and new and Units of Renown - ie. elite units.

Race Packs, on the other hand, give you a new playable race for use in both Grand Campaign and multiplayer. Included in the race will be Legendary Lords, Lords, units, and so on.

Finally, Campaign Packs will be "supercharged" versions of Race Packs. On top of what a Race Pack offers, Campaign Packs offer a new Challenge Campaign - an epic scenario from Warhammer lore.

It's not said anywhere specifically what the new Total War: Warhammer content will be but we know one of the paid Race Packs will be Chaos - content otherwise reserved for pre-order customers, controversially.

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