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Total War: Warhammer 3 launches February, on Xbox Game Pass for PC

With Ogre Kingdoms pack as early adopter bonus.

Total War: Warhammer 3 will launch on 17th February via Steam, Epic Games Store and more - or you'll be able to play it day one via Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Sega announced the news today, alongside details of the Ogre Kingdoms Race Pack, which comes free for those who pre-order the game ahead of time or pick up a copy during its launch week. Notably, you'll need to buy this separately if playing via Game Pass.

Warhammer fans will likely be excited to learn that the Ogre Kingdoms will include Greasus Goldtooth and Skrag the Slaughterer, who you can see in the trailer below. It's all a bit "meat's back on the menu boys".

Cover image for YouTube videoJoin the Ogre Kingdoms | Total War: WARHAMMER III Early Adopter Bonus Reveal

Players will be able to "lead an army of colossal warriors and primeval monsters in search of plunder, gold, and meat for their insatiable bellies", Sega wrote in a press release.

"In battle, these brutes excel at bombarding the enemy with long-range firepower before cascading upon their broken ranks with a devastating charge from their monstrous cavalry.

"Within the campaign they wage bloody war from their nomadic camps deep within the Mountains of Mourn, ever keen to take on bountiful contracts and add illustrious Big Names to their titles."

Fancy reaching into your pockets? A Day One Edition of the game includes a double-sided poster featuring the Warhammer 3 campaign map, while a Limited Edition wraps all of that into a metal case.