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Torchlight MMO out in two years

More classes, more content.

Runic Games boss Max Schaefer has said that the MMO version of its action-RPG Torchlight will be released "in about two years".

He made the comment in an interview with German site PC Games, also pointing out that the community would be able to get involved in alpha and beta testing as soon as possible.

"The MMO will be in pre-production as soon as we finalise issues from launching the single-player," Schaefer said. "It will feature a lot of customization, an overworld, random and instanced dungeons, PVP and much more!

"It will be indeed free to play, and will be out in about 2 years. We like to get alpha and beta versions up and running as quickly as possible, though, so hopefully we'll have a lot of community interaction during the development cycle."

Schaefer stressed that Runic wanted to make a small-scale game as good as possible with the single-player release, and then expand it.

"We meant to design a tight, clean title that has polish and performance rather than build a sprawling, feature-laden RPG that would take years to develop. The MMO will have more classes, more customizable characters, and more total content, so there should be plenty for Torchlight gamers to look forward to."

Going by our 8/10 review, we'd say they succeeded on the first part.