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Torchlight dev shares video of new game Hob

An exploration adventure reminiscent of Zelda.

Torchlight developer Runic Games has shown a video of new game Hob in action. The game is console-exclusive on PS4 but is also coming to PC (at the same time).

Hob isn't a horde-stomping loot-stashing adventure like Torchlight, but an exploration adventure in a colourful, shapely and mysterious world that will reveal itself as you play. A metal arm is central to the game's core mechanic; an arm capable of different things such as grappling, becoming a shield, and allowing you to push and pull the building blocks of the world.

"You can think of our world as a Rubik's Cube collapsed on itself," wrote Runic's Wonder Russell on the PlayStation Blog. "Working out the puzzles allows you to access new areas that either lie dormant or are perhaps overrun with rogue life. This shifting will also affect the areas you've already explored, and things will probably be different when you go back to look.

"At its heart," he added, "Hob is a mystery of who you really are. Not only are you alone and possibly the only one of your kind, but also you're the only character who can affect the shape and purpose of the world."

Hob has no release date beyond "coming soon", which could mean next week or next year.

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