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TimeGate's new shooter unveiled

FEAR expansion blokes go mental.

TimeGate Studios has signed on with Gamecock Media Group to get its upcoming multiformat science-fiction shooter Section 8 into those shop things in 2009, with platforms and other specifics to-be-confirmed.

The developer's previous work includes F.E.A.R. expansion pack Extraction Point, which certainly wasn't bad, but CEO Adel Chaveleh indicates that this is their baby. "Section 8 is our most ambitious project to date, and it's really exciting to have the full support of our publisher to deliver the absolute best game ever," he said.

The term "Section 8" presumably refers to being discharged from the military for mental health reasons. It'll certainly be less exciting if it's actually to do with the US housing programme of the same name, or fans of US soccerball team Chicago Fire (good work, Wikipedia).

"Often times we gather in the Cockpit [we assume they capitalise this with good reason] to discuss the ideal developers we want to work with," says Gamecock president and development head Harry Miller. "TimeGate has always been at the top of the list. I can't wait to let gamers know more about their upcoming masterpiece."

You can check out the first Section 8 trailer over on Eurogamer TV. We can't offer you much more on the game yet, but for more on Gamecock's publishing strategies, check out our recent Q&A with CEO Mike Wilson.

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