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Three more games accepted on Steam Greenlight

Papers, Please! Edge of Space! Venetica!

Valve has accepted three more games - and one non-game piece of software - onto its crowd-voted Steam Greenlight service.

The newly greenlit games include: 2D sandbox title Edge of Space, third-person action/adventure Venetica, and Papers, Please, a "dystopian document thriller" about immigration.

On the non-game front, there's texturing toolset Substance Designer 3.

Compared to other Greenlight batches, this latest collection is tiny, but this seems to be Valve's new method going forward. "We have decided to Greenlight a smaller batch this time, so we can move more quickly," wrote Valve in its announcement. "There are lots of titles getting attention, so we are likely to continue Greenlighting titles in this quicker, but smaller batch fashion."

Of the newly accepted titles, we've only reviewed Venetica, which Eurogamer contributor Al Bickham sort of liked. "The sense of location and the constant weft of combat meant that I spent much of the fifteen hours it took to complete in a state of gentle enjoyment," he wrote in his 6/10 Venetica review.

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