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Three helpings of New Super Mario Bros. 2 DLC available today

More due later in the month. Even more in November.

Three slices of New Super Mario Bros. 2 DLC are available in the UK today, Nintendo has announced.

Each costs £2 (€2.50), or you can buy a bundle containing all three for £6 (€7.50).

More are coming later this month, with a third (and final?) set due in November.

Today's trio each contain three set levels for the game's Coin Rush mode, and are catered to a different difficulty settings.

First up is the Gold Rush Pack. It offers mounds of extra coins for relatively little legwork.

Then there's Coin Challenge Pack A, a competitive offering with online leaderboards that will track your highest total.

Finally, there's the Nerve-Wrack Pack, an addition for hardcore players which sees you bouncing across screens full of Bullet Bills, among other things.

Packs will be available to download from the in-game Coin Rush shop. This won't appear when you first play the game, but will be unlocked today via a SpotPass notification.

Watch a disembodied digital version of Nintendo president Satoru Iwata relay the above information in a bizarre YouTube address below.

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