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This Week On Outside Xbox

Back to the 80s.

Welcome to a sampler of highlights from a retro-futuristic week on Outside Xbox. Leg warmers are entirely optional. Though that applies every week, really.

People are divided on whether the 80s was a brilliant or a terrible era for humankind. We're firmly in the former camp and, inspired by the release of the excellent Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, this week's Show Of The Week is a synth-laden homage to the neon decade.

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In the same vein of resurrecting long-forgotten relics, we also returned to the Far Cryathlon: our sporty Far Cry 3 competition that long-time lurkers might remember. The first event is a hang-gliding bailout challenge but be sure to check out the jet ski jump and Blood Dragon herding rounds as well.

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The other big news of the week was Rockstar hitting the 'break the internet' button for a third time, releasing three new trailers for Grand Theft Auto V at once. No doubt you know all the obvious stuff, but we scoured the trailers for little points of interest you might have missed.

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If you're hungry for more gaming video, gobble up this in-depth playthrough of GRID 2 and Andy's review of Poker Night 2. As ever, we'd be happy to receive you over on Now if we can only work out where to plug this Kempston Competition Pro into our 360, we'll be away.

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