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This stunning Minecraft city was created by a team of professional builders


The Minecraft community is known for its incredible creations - but this stunning city was built by the pros.

City of Orario is an incredibly detailed 1500x1500 recreation of The Labyrinth City of Orario from the DanMachi anime. Its centrepiece is a massive pillar-dungeon, around which the city spreads in a circle.

For reference, here's The Labyrinth City of Orario as it appears in DanMachi:

City of Orario is just begging to be explored in-game, but you can't download it, unfortunately. It's the work of a team of professional Minecraft buildings who go by the name Varuna. Varuna, which is made up of architects, designers and artists, create custom builds for private clients. City of Orario was one such commission.

A rep for Varuna took to the Minecraft subreddit to reveal it took over two months for the team to complete the work, spending around 12 hours per day on it. The dungeon in the centre of the map is actually cut off compared to the original in the anime because it hits Minecraft's world height limit. Remarkably, each house has its own interior.

A cursory glance at Varuna's website shows off more amazing Minecraft builds, some of which you can buy. This Floating Asian Hub, for example, will set you back $49.99.

I imagine City of Orario cost whoever commissioned it a lot more than 50 bucks, though. I wonder how much Varuna would charge for a recreation of Midgar in Minecraft?

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