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This Skyrim mod adds a 200-cheese treasure hunt

Hallou, is it mi you're looking for?

There's no such thing as too much cheese, in my book, so if you share this sentiment then boy do I have the Skyrim mod for you.

Published today on Nexus Mods for both the Legendary and Special Edition versions of Skyrim, Cheesemod For Everyone introduces over 150 new varieties of cheese to the land of Jarls(berg). The fun doesn't end there, however, as the mod also sends the player on a quest to collect all the cheeses, with a daedric artifact reward once all 202 objects have been found. It's a fondue fork that can turn enemies into wheels of cheese, if you were wondering.

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To embark on this quest, the player will first need to complete Sheogorath's first quest (The Mind of Madness) to enter the Pelagius Wing and pick up the stale cheese crumb next to the book Cheeses of Tamriel. To keep it lore-friendly, cheeses from other areas of Tamriel are placed next to NPCs from those regions, while many can also be purchased from vendors - with some exclusive to certain cities or points of interest. New lore has also been added in the form of special cheese notes and journals, which appear on some of the more unique cheeses "to explain how they got there".

Importantly, you're also able to eat all the cheeses once you've picked them up, as they will still count towards the quest. Although the mod team discourages snacking on the Forbidden Cheese. Which only makes me want to try it more.

The quest has clearly been crafted with care (and some very convincing voice acting), but should you want to bypass the whole thing and just gorge yourself, you can do so through console commands (yum_cheesecell will take you to a cheese-tasting cell). You can also access a spreadsheet list in the mod files should you end up getting a bit lost.

Here's a selection of the fine cheeses available in this mod, absolutely none of which are making me really hungry right now.

The appearance of this cheese mod got me a little curious about the other cheese mods currently available for Skyrim, and from a brief look around, I discovered a few others of note: this spell to transform people into cheese wheels, and the epic saga provided by the The Cheese of Ages quest mod. Cheesemod For Everyone's title pays fromage to a famous Sheogorath line in Oblivion, in which he declares "cheese for everyone", so if you want to go around yelling that whenever you eat cheese, there's a mod for that here.

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