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This real-life survival expert comments on gameplay of planet survival sim, Stranded: Alien Dawn

"How would you succeed against all odds in an unfamiliar and unforgiving new world?"

A real-life survival expert has weighed in on the gameplay of new planet survival sim, Stranded: Alien Dawn.

UK Military Chief Survival Instructor John Hudson watched snippets of Stranded: Alien Dawn in action, "giving us his take on how to succeed against all odds when you find yourself in an unfamiliar and unforgiving new world". You can watch his interview below:

Survival Expert Reacts to Gameplay from Stranded: Alien DawnWatch on YouTube

Hudson gives his top tips on how to survive a crash in real life, from tricks on how to protect yourself from the climate and environment, to starting a fire – for cooking, purifying water, and keeping warm, of course.

He also posited his thoughts on how to survive a hostile landscape, from building shelter to trapping animals to treating infections caused by alien bug bites.

Stranded: Alien Dawn launches as a full release on 25th April. Look for it on PC (Steam and Epic Games Store), current-gen systems, and last-gen consoles, too.

Stranded: Alien Dawn is a planet survival sim placing the "fate of a small marooned group in your hands". It currently boasts a "very positive" score on Steam aggregated from almost three thousand reviewers who've spent time with its early access version. It's first "major" early access update dropped at the end of last year.

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